SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction System)

Principle of the SCR system(Reduction reaction by Urea)

Urea is injected by the Urea injection device.The Urea is decomposed into ammonia and carbon dioxide by the heat form exhaust gas.
Generated ammonia,nitrogen oxides and oxygen are decomposed into nitrogen and water by the catalyst in the reactor.

Composition of the SCR system

Dimension table of Examples of standard SCR reactors

Engine Model Engine Output Dimensions of Reactor(mm) Mass of Reactor
kWm L W H t
6MG25HX 1323 967 967 3500 1.8
6MG28HX 1838 1909 967 3550 2.6
6MG28AHX 2220 1438 967 3800 2.5
8MG28AHX 2960 1438 1438 3900 3.2
9MG28AHX 3330 1438 1438 3900 3.2

※This system can reduce NOx emissions by 80%.
※This table is MDO use.Please contact Niigata if using HFO.
※All infomation will be subject to change without notice.