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Clean with nitrogen. Scabble with nitrogen.
Clean with nitrogen. Scrabble with nitrogen.
Clean with nitrogen. Scrabble with nitrogen.

NitroJet is a system that uses liquid nitrogen to perform cleaning, decontamination, and concrete scabbling at ultra-high pressures and extremely low temperatures.

Principle of NitroJet

Advantages of NitroJet

  • A dry process that uses no water and does not generate secondary contamination or liquid waste.
  • Permits highly efficient concrete scabbling without abrasives. Also applicable to stripping paint, resin removal, or cutting structures.
  • High cleaning capacity without re-adhesion. 100 or greater decontamination factor in the nuclear power field makes it suitable for downgrading of radioactive waste.
  • Cleaning speed equivalent to or better than existing methods.
  • Less reaction force makes manual operation and remote operation easy. (Side walls/ceilings)
  • Only the removed matter has to be vacuumed up. The nitrogen gas is released and does not become secondary waste.
  • The process requires no heat input, making it suitable for cleaning/decontaminating substances sensitive to heat input, such as combustible materials.
  • The use of nitrogen that is common in the atmosphere eliminates concerns about environmental impacts.


Capacity of NitroJet

Processing capacity Concrete scabbling 10 m2/hour (depth of several mm)
2.5 m2/hour (depth 14 mm)
0.14 m2/hour (depth 40 mm)
Stripping epoxy paint 5 m2/hour
Decontamination capacity (DF*)
(nuclear power field)
Concrete scabbling DF = 180 to 1,030 (1 pass)
(evaluation using nonradioactive tracer)
DF = 770 (2 passes)
(using actual contaminated concrete pieces from decommissioned Magnox furnace site in UK)
Stripping epoxy paint DF = 102 (1 pass)
(using actual contaminated samples of fuel transport container from the decommissioned Magnox furnace site in UK)
Stripping paint DF = 1,000 or more (2 passes)
(assessed according to "hot test" results from the Contaminated Water Tank Decontamination Verification Project conducted by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.)

* DF (Decontamination Factor): Ratio of degree of contamination before and after decontamination. The higher the DF, the higher the decontamination capacity.

Applications of NitroJet

  • Decontamination of radioactive materials
  • Concrete scabbling
  • Resin removal
  • Stripping paint
  • Cutting metal
  • Stripping coatings from graphite or metal
  • Asbestos removal
  • Selective concrete demolition
  • Cleaning heat exchangers
  • Cleaning tools that are contaminated with polymer coating
  • Cutting composite materials
  • Cutting rubber
  • Cutting graphite


Relationship between IHI and NitroCision® USA related to NitroJet

  • NitroCision®, LLC (http://www.ihiswt.com/nitrojet/) is an affiliated company of IHI that conducts NitroJet business in the United States.
  • As technical information is shared between both companies, Japanese customers should make inquiries through this website.

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