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  • Vacuum Furnace

    Vacuum Furnace

    Various vacuum heat treatment furnaces perform various heat treatments on metals, including hardening and tempering.

  • Vacuum Carburizer

    Vacuum Carburizer

    IHI had invented new technology using acetylene gas and had established the patents in 1996. The new Vacuum Carburizing has various advantages of high-quality carburizing, good reproductivity, clean working environment and etc.

  • Vacuum Degreaser

    Vacuum Degreaser

    Degreaser using Hydrocarbons(Solvent), is ECO friendly and safty, high quality.

  • Advanced Material Manufacturing Equipment

    Advanced Material Manufacturing Equipment

    Hot presses mold by heating and pressurizing under vacuum. There are various types to meet different requirements, such as for sintering, multiple-axis expanded joining type, multiple-chamber type, hybrid type, thermal molding type, etc. High-pressure sintering furnace / degreasing high-pressure sintering furnace Continuous operation of HIP process of dewaxing / sintering / up to 100 atmospheric pressure is available.