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Vacuum Degreaser

Vacuum Degreaser

  • Vacuum Degreaser IWV-34C

    Vacuum Degreaser IWV-34C

    IHI offers a new type of vacuum degreaser with improved energy consumption. Our “Cryo Drying System” which is an integrated heat exchange system and low temperature condensing system reduces drying time in the cleaning process. An improved drying system removes dirty solvent from part surfaces. The dipping process is not required and the amount of stored solvent can therefore be reduced.

  • Vacuum Degreaser HWV-V

    Vacuum Degreaser HWV-V

    Cleaning with IHI’s vacuum degreaser provides the best conditions for a uniform carburizing process, for plasma and gas nitriding and other treatments. IHI offers a range of vacuum degreasers in several sizes.