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Past Event report/ New Business Development Workshop Held at ILP in FY2019

On December 5th, 2019, IHI Cool Planet, a workshop in which startup companies(S/Us) and the IHI Group jointly create new business ideas, was held at ILP. The workshop has been held twice since April 2019. Each S/U forms a team with IHI staff and an investor and the team prepares a plan for a new business that satisfies specific conditions. The plans are reviewed by judges on the same day and those chosen will be given permission to implement plan verification projects with funding being provided. The theme of this workshop was "CO2 utilization" and four S/Us from the US and Canada participated. After review by judges consisting of the Business Development Department, Corporate Research & Development and investors, plans from two teams were awarded. These plans will be jointly verified in FY2020.

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