IHI Launch Pad

Business Incubation Center in Silicon Valley

Activities / Supports

With the aim of developing new businesses, IHI Launch Pad provides various support
activities in each phase of business development to customers,
startups, enterprises and investors, including IHI Group.

  • Business Idea Creation

    Technical & business informationBusiness proposalWorkshop

  • Business Feasibility Study

    Education program for business developmentMarketing

  • Business Development

    PartneringPoCInterviews with investors

  • Product Development

    Product developmentService development

  • Commercialization

    Business expansion in North America

Phase 01

Business idea creation

Support the creation of ideas that lead to new businesses in various methods.

IHI Launch Pad aggregates and organizes the latest technical information developed by startups, universities, and enterprises, as well as business information currently being cultivated in Silicon Valley, and provides these kinds of information to the inventors of the new business. We also provide consultation on various technologies and businesses.

Phase 02

Business feasibility study

Support the planning and improvement of new businesses for IHI Group and partners.

IHI Launch Pad provides the market information that is necessary to create new business proposals and the consultation on new business proposals utilizing the network of investors. We also provide education programs to improve the skills to create new businesses.

Phase 03

Business development

Support the various partnering for new business development.

IHI Launch Pad provides matching between IHI Group and startups and supports legal matters such as NDA and PoC contracts required for partnering. In addition, we provide supports to both IHI Group and startups to solve practical issues during collaboration.
Office area of IHI Launch Pad is open-style, allowing various companies to visit freely and hold business meetings. Please feel free to visit IHI Launch Pad.

Phase 04

Product / Service development

Support the development of products and services.

At R&D Garage, bring the proto-type of developed product, IHI Group, partners and customers can work together to implement PoC and evaluate the function and performance of the developed products. IHI Launch Pad provides consultation of evaluating the developed product on both technical and business aspects.
We also use R&D Garage to research and develop on the technologies that will be necessary in the future.

Phase 05


Support the commercialization of the developed products and services.

Marketing and promotion can be implemented by demonstrating the developed product to customers at R&D Garage.
IHI Launch Pad supports the matching and recruitment of human resources required for commercialization in the North American area, and also provides a variety of professional support, including business management analysis to assist the success of commercialization.


If you have "pain points" to be solved together, or if you are having difficulties for your business development, please feel free to contact us at any time.