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Upgrade of Pulverized Coal Injection System for Blast Furnace No.2 at China Steel Corporation, Taiwan

Pulverized Coal Injection System

Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “PWIHI”) was awarded a contract from China Steel Corporation (hereinafter, “CSC”) for a project to upgrade the pulverized coal injection system for blast furnace No.2 in Taiwan. PWIHI undertook engineering, manufacturing and commissioning thereof and completed the project successfully. The upgraded pulverized coal injection system was handed over to CSC in June 2021.

Our proposal and execution of this project were based on our references in the Japanese market. In this project, the pulverized coal pneumatic conveying method was changed from the conventional dilute phase conveying to the dense phase conveying. As a result, increased efficiency of injected coal combustion, less conveying gas flow rate and lower running cost were achieved. This has helped CSC to realize the stable operation, higher production capacity and less production cost.

During the execution of the project, PWIHI faced various adversities due to the Covid 19 pandemic such as stringent and mandatory isolation requirements for engineers of Paul Wurth to enter Japan to provide supervision to erection at site. Nevertheless, through the collaboration with Paul Wurth, the new pulverized coal injection system started the operation successfully as scheduled by CSC.

PWIHI continues to strive to further improve and stabilize productivity of our customers through combined superior technical capabilities of Paul Wurth S.A. and IHI Corporation.