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Order Received for Construction of New Coke Oven Battery 6A at JFE Steel, Fukuyama, Japan

Paul Wurth IHI Co,. Ltd. (hereinafter, “PWIHI”) is pleased to announce that it received an order from JFE Steel Corporation (hereinafter, “JFE Steel”) in June 2022 for construction of the new coke oven battery 6A and new coke oven machines at Fukuyama Works. The new coke oven battery 6A will be the first stamp charging coke oven battery in Japan. PWIHI was awarded this order after JFE Steel’s full evaluation of a proven track record Paul Wurth S.A. (hereinafter, “PW”) for supplying a large number of coke oven batteries which have been highly acclaimed by customers worldwide. Our technical prowess and project execution capability for successful completion of two consecutive projects for JFE Steel; batteries 2AB at Kurashiki Works followed by batteries 3AB at Fukuyama Works, as well as our successful relationship with JFE Steel over the years also led to this order. The scope of PWIHI’s supply and services include engineering, manufacturing and dispatchment of supervisors for erection and commissioning of battery 6A as well as engineering, manufacturing and erection of a stamping-charging-pushing machine, which is designed to stamp coal to form a high density coal cake and charge it into the oven, and a coke gas transfer car.

The stamp charging battery 6A will be newly constructed to replace the existing coke oven batteries 4A/B/C, contributing to JFE steel for achieving carbon neutrality by significantly improving the production efficiency. With the adoption of PW smokeless charging system combined with single oven pressure control system SOPRECO® which are being used worldwide, emissions during charging and pushing will be dramatically reduced. The new battery 6A will be comprised of 52 ovens with production capacity of 682,000 tons. PWIHI concluded the contract with JFE Steel in June 2022 and started the engineering activities. The new coke oven battery 6A is planned to start operation in 2025.

By combining the European and Japanese technologies for increased production efficiency in the iron-making processes and environmental protection, PWIHI will continue its efforts to support our customers to boost competitiveness and achieve carbon neutrality.