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Axial Cyclone Dust Catcher at Nippon Steel, Muroran, Japan

Axial Cyclone Dust Catcher at Nippon Steel, Muroran, Japan

Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “PWIHI”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the construction of a new Axial Cyclone for blast furnace No. 2 at Nippon Steel Muroran Works, and the new Axial Cyclone started operation in November 2020.

The most notable characteristic of PW Axial Cyclone is that it has an excellent dust separation efficiency (80% to 90%). The Axial Cyclone is designed to collect dust by creating a vortex when the blast furnace gas passes through the guide vanes. With a more compact design than conventional dust collectors, PW Axial Cyclone is suitable for the upgrade of a dust catcher in a restricted space.

[Other characteristics]

  • Gritzko II valve:

    Employed as part of the dust discharge system of PW Axial Cyclone. (Gritzko II valve is designed to control dust discharge and shut off blast furnace gas)

  • Excellent compatibility:

    A primary duct of the cyclone (take-over-point) can be engineered based on the specifications of the existing equipment and the surroundings.Best design plan for the dust discharge system can be offered, with consideration given to the existing equipment.

  • Particle size selectivity:

    Zinc-rich dust can be directed to a subsequent secondary wet dust separator as before, while achieving the high separation efficiency.

Dust catcher for blast furnace gas: Dust catcher is a system used to remove dust in blast furnace gas (a by-product gas escaping from the top of blast furnaces). Cleaning of blast furnace gas is necessary to recycle the gas as a fuel in a plant through a Top Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT) located downstream a dust catcher. Axial Cyclone is one of the top gas cleaning systems.

Paul Wurth has more than 40 references worldwide for the supply of Axial Cyclones. In this project, PWIHI undertook engineering, manufacturing, procurement, inspection and commissioning of the Axial Cyclone by leveraging the state-of-the-art technology of Paul Wurth S.A. (hereinafter, “PW”) accomplished with years of experience and engineering power of PWIHI.

Based on this reference, PWIHI continues to strive for acceleration of business development of the Axial Cyclone technology, while further improving and stabilizing productivity of our customers through combined superior technical capabilities of PW and IHI Corporation.