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Selected for Energy-Saving Investment Promotion & Energy Demand Structure Transformation Support Project

We are pleased to announce that our 7 products in the field of electric steelmaking were selected as subsidized equipment under the FY2023 supplementary budget for the subsidy program for "Energy-Saving Investment Promotion & Demand Structure Transformation Support Project".

This subsidy program is for advanced equipment, etc. offering leading technology and energy-saving performance, which were selected based on the screening items determined by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Please take advantage of this subsidy program to subsidize the capital investment on energy saving projects within your organization.

【Subsidized by】 Sustainable open Innovation Initiative (SII)

【Subsidy name】 Energy-Saving Investment Promotion & Demand Structure Transformation Support Project

【Business category】 (A) Advanced Facilities and Systems

【Subsidized equipment】 7 products

CONDOOR® (Automatic slag door)
X-Pact® AURA (Rectifier for DC EAF furnace)
SIS plus burner/injector (Combination of burner and oxygen injector)
X-Pact® Sampler (Automatic temperature sampling robot)
X-Pact® SynReg (Electrode regulation system)
Low energy tuyere stocks for blast furnaces
New aluminum electrode supporting device Mark 2

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