For inquiries about products sales. (except for spare-parts)
When you are interested in our engines and/or Z-Peller.

For inquiries about after-sales service (maintenance work and/or spare-parts) of our products (Niigata Diesel Engine, Z-Peller, and related equipment).
When you ask for quotation, we need following information.
1) Engine model name and Serial number or
2) Z-Peller model name and Serial number
When 1) or 2) is not available, we might not be able to take action unfortunately.

For other makers equipment or Niigata T/C which was mounted to other maker's engine, please contact to original engine maker or suitable other company.

For inquiries about procurement-related matter.
When you want to propose your products and/or services to us.

For inquiries about this web-site or a content other than the above.
When you want to give your opinions and/or have information on this site.

When you don't mention "model name" and "serial number" in your inquiry about a specific product(engine/Z-Peller), there may be no replies from us.