Dual Fuel Engine

World’s First Marine Gas Fuel Engine Directly Coupled with Fixed Pitch Propeller
(Realized by Original Technology)

Natural gas burns far cleaner than petroleum fuel,to there is growing interest in the ship field.
We successfully delivered the world's first 4 stroke Dual Fuel engine for Fixed Pitch Propeller directly couple driven LNG fueled harbor tug boat. It offers high dynamic performance of load following capacity in gas mode, equivalent in diesel mode for tug operation, and safe redundancy as instantly switch between gas & diesel mode.

General Specifications

Model Max.Continuous Rating Engine Speed Cyl. Bore Piston Stroke Approx.
Dry Mass
kWm PS min-1 mm mm t
6L28AHX-DF 1920 2610 800 280 390 22
8L28AHX-DF 2560 3480 800 280 390 28
9L28AHX-DF 2880 3915 800 280 390 31

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