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SPB Technology .... The Highest Quality and Reliability in the World!

SPB is a design of LNG carrier complying with IMO Type B requirement using Al-Alloy self-supporting prismatic tanks have a good reputation for reliable transport of LNG and LPG.  As is well known, LNG carrier technology with the self-supporting prismatic tanks has been proven for its reliability by the historical records.

IHI started its investigation of self-supporting prismatic tanks in 1960.  The first efforts were directed mainly to designing LPG and LEG tankers, and, since that date IHI has built numerous specially designed ships for these products which have utilized that type tank.  In 1980, IHI began to emphasize the development of an advanced LNG technology, and completed SPB design and technology in 1985 with the approval of the world's major classification societies and the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

And then, all experiences gave birth to two 87,500 m3 SPB LNG carriers Polar Eagle and Arctic Sun in 1993.

87,500 m3 SPB LNGC Polar Eagle & Arctic Sun

        Self-supporting Prismatic shape IMO type B...    What is SPB Tank?

        Design Features

            Free shape of tank

            Inside view of SPB tank

            Tank insulation

            Easy operation and maintenance


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