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Product Information Fundabac Filter

Fundabac Filter


  • RZ type

    RZ type

    Vertical candle type filter
    Standard type. The machine consists of three main parts: the Filter Vessel, Filter Elements and Resister Pipes.
  • RML type

    RML type

    IHI Fundabac Filter using only non-metal materials for liquid contact parts
    We developed the filter using only non-metal materials for liquid contact parts. It solved certain problems such as a highly corrosive slurry or metal contamination.

Fully automatic filter with no driving unit simple structure

Many Filter elements (Candles and Filter Cloth) are arranged inside the vessel of the IHI Fundabac Filter, and the filter cloth attached to each of them filtrates liquid and solid. After the filtration, fully automatic operation of drying, discharge, and filter cloth washing is possible. As well, because of the simple structure with no driving unit, it can apply to a large filtration area. Regarding the very important seal part for a filter machine, IHI's original seal hose achieves stable results with successful filtration.


  • No Driving unit
  • Completely Closed type
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Simple Structure & Compact Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Superior Protection Against Corrosion
  • Easy Scale Up
  • Energy Saving type

Filter operation

Effect of Rizer Pipe


Organic Chemical Industry

Terephthalic Acid, Phenol Resin, Melamine Resin, PCV Collection, Mineral Oil, Latex, Polycarbonate, Amino Acid, Spinning Solution, Synthetic Rubber, Medicine Intermediate Chemicals, Acetate Dope, Glycerine, Liquid Paraffin, Crude Dimethylformamide, Agricultural Intermediate Chemicals

Inorganic Chemical Industry

Hydrogen Fluoride, Bittern, Sodium Silicate, Silicon Wafer Cutting Liquid, Ferrous Chloride, Plating liquid, Aluminium Hydroxide solution, Barium Sulfate, Phosphate solution, Rolling Oil, Titanium Oxide, Carbon Tetrachloride, Graphite Slurry, Semiconductor Etching liquid, Waste Fluorine Compounds

Food Industry

Glucose, Sorbit, Unrefined Sake, Crude Cooking Oil, Citric Acid solution, Cooking Oil Decolorization, Wax Removal, Carbohydrate solution, Tea, Sake, Mirin (Sweet Sake as Seasoning)


Tunnel Dust Collection Fan, Flue Gas Desulfurization Absorption Liquid, Methylmethacrylate drainage, Polyvinyl Chloride Resin manufacturing drainage, Oil Containing factory drainage