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HAM (Humid Air Moter)

HAM (Humid Air Motor) System for Diesel Engine Generating Plant

With the HAM, Humid Air Motor, the high temperature and pressurized charge air from the turbo-blower is led to the humidifier tank, named HAM vessel, where relative humidity of the air is raised to 98% with the sprayed sea water. Meantime, the air temperature is lowered by the seawater and the air flows into the engine cylinder. The HAM system drastically curbs the NOx emission by lowering the peak flame temperature thanks to the fuel combustion with the saturated air. Actual results achieved show the NOx emission of about 1000 ppm through the year and some improvement in fuel consumption as the result of the engine tuning carried out at the same time.
The HAM system has been developed by MAN Diesel SA (former S.E.M.T. Pielstick) which is a group company of MAN Diesel SA.

Humid Air Motor


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