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Retrofitting Dry Clean Kit of a Turbo Charger for RT-flex50

We have started retrofitting service to install dry clean kit  for a turbine of a turbo charger.

As recent trend, some ships are operated with slow steaming. The contamination in turbocharger turbine is easy to become too much under low load running. In order to prevent exhaust gas temperature rising and fuel consumption increase, it’s important to remove contamination by effective cleaning procedure. We’d like to offer to retrofit our original dry-clean kit for keeping better engine performance.



 ・Dry clean helps to keep clean turbine and then better performance for turbo charger and main engine.

 ・Dry clean can be performed from low load to normal load.



 ・Our kit has three inlet connections to prevent cleaning uneven area. Ship staff can connect flexible hose in deferent inlet location time by time.

  =>Recommended solid granules:  MARINE GRIT(#12 to #14) or active charcoal particles (The grid size  must be between 1.2 to 2.0mm)

・No modification and overhaul for turbo charger at retrofitting work and short retrofitting work period  (Approximately it will complete within one day)








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