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FOP reconditioning

We have started to offer Fuel oil pump (hereinafter FOP) reconditioning service for engine type RT-flex84TD and RT-flex96C. Our long-term experience and technology in maintenance of large-type FOP offer you a reliable reconditioning.

Benefits for FOP reconditioning service

  • 1. Full overhauled and reconditioned FOP
  • 2. FOP upgrade to the latest design
  • 3. Workload reduction of the crew
  • 4. Reasonable price

overhaul of guide piston inspection
【overhaul of guide piston】

*Upon receiving a worn FOP from a vessel, we soon send you a reconditioned FOP as a replacement. The collected FOP will be reconditioned and stored at our Aioi works.

We supply reliable reconditioned FOPs to our customers, with technical excellence.


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