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The first Sulzer (present WinGD) type two-stroke diesel engine was completed in 1950, and in 1965 the first four-stroke diesel engine of S.E.M.T.Pielstick type was added. Moreover, the first originally developed multi-fuel engine was delivered in 1992, and the manufacturing results of over 36,000,000kW(49million PS) in total are possessed.
Driven by environmental awareness, IMO (International Management organization) determined to enhances emission regulations. The interest in gas as fuel for shipping is increasing to fulfill the rigid regulation.

IHI, WinGD, and DU developed dual fuel engines adapted to pre-mixed learn burn technology with a strong assosiation and now We put confidently "X-DF" engines into the marine market.  



2-stroke diesel engine 4-stroke diesel engine Low-pressure dual fuel engine