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Dual fuel engine  

Advanced efforts

Driven by environmental awareness, IMO (International Management organization) determined to enhances emission regulations. The interest in gas as fuel for shipping is increasing to fulfill the rigid regulation.

IHI, Winterthur Gas & Diesel(WinGD) and DU(Now IPS) developed dual fuel engines adapted to pre-mixed learn burn technology with a strong assosiation and now We put confidently "X-DF" engines into the marine market.






Advantage of Low-Pressure Low- Speed ‘X-DF’ engines


X-DF applies the pre-mixed lean burn technology and can meet solely IMO Tier Ⅲ requirement without the exhaust gas after-treatment.

2. X-DF has advantages of lower Capex and Opex by means of no requirment of a high pressure compressor.
3. For safety concerns, X-DF uses low-pressure LNG. (<16 bar)
4. X-DF can switch instantly the operation from gas mode to diesel mode.
5. X-DF is based on the low-speed two-stroke engine which is much proven in marine use.


Portfolio of WinGD engines


*X-DF engines are made up five types as above yellow charts and blue/orange charts indicate diesel engines



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