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Four-stroke diesel engine

DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick 4-Stroke Engines

The 4-stroke engines, DU-S.E.M.T. Pielstick type, have lower engine height compared with the low-speed two-stroke engines and are widely adopted for cruise ships, car ferries, Ro-Ro ships where compact size of the engine is required. These types of engine are also utilized for stationary electric power generation plant in isolated islands or inland areas.


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Since the launch of PC2.6 types in 1982, they have been widely supported in the market. PC2.6 meets the wide range of the demand for ferry boat, cargo vessel and power generation. Many engines have been already delivered, as reliable machines, to the customers including Japanese authorities.


PC2.6BV type was launched in 2004. It's available for the main engines for ferry boat and power generation. PC2.6BV which is based on PC2.6 (L/V) is the high power engine with compact design and keeps the high reliability. Fuel oil and Lub. oil consumption rate are both improved further.








16PC4.2BVPC4.2BV was launched in 1933 as the largest engine in the world with significant power increase to 23.8MW. PC4.2BV is suitable for the large ferry boat, RO/RO ship and power generation. PC4.2BV can achieve low-fuel consumption by the optimized tuning with the miller timing and the de-rating technologies to fulfill Tier2 regurations.







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