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Message from the President

Message from the President

Under the IHI Group management principles, “Contributing to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources is the only and the largest asset of the company.”, IHI Infrastructure Systems Co., Ltd. has mobilized excellent human resources and high technological capabilities, backed by abundant experience, and pushed forward with the aim of providing high-quality social capital which accommodates the needs of society at the same time as being safe and reliable.

As well as constructing and repairing bridges and floodgates both in Japan and abroad, as a countermeasure to facility obsolescence and from the perspective of operation and maintenance, we will join our affiliate, IHI Construction Service Co., Ltd., in focusing on the inspection, diagnosis, large-scale modification, renewal, etc. of bridges and floodgates, the needs for which are set to intensify, and strive to strengthen our efforts, expand our business and fulfill our mission.

Furthermore, we would like to disseminate our design/production/construction technologies accumulated over years of experience both in Japan and abroad, aim to participate in the concession business and develop overseas strategical bases in Asia, Europe and the U.S. in our desire to significantly boost the development of a global society.

As well as steel structures such as bridges and floodgates, we will also focus our strengths on providing products and services such as seismic isolation and vibration damping systems for buildings to enable safe, secure and comfortable lifestyles.

IHI Infrastructure Systems will ensure compliance and proactively reform working styles, with both its executives and employees alike standing in solidarity to achieve our ultimate goal of promoting regional development as a member of society through activities related to safety and health, environmental management activities and so on.

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