IHI Parking Systems


IHI is a group of leading Japanese manufacturing and engineering companies. With history of more than 160 years in a vast range of product line-up; covering land, sea, air and space... from power plant engineering, industrial machinery manufacturing, construction of bridges, turbochargers for automobiles, ship-building, aero systems, all the way to rocket development.

Since delivering the first of IHI Parking System for a Japanese department store in 1962, IHI Group has been dedicated to the development of wide range of automated parking system / mechanical parking system to suit the societal requirement. This effort has helped IHI Group to be the front runner of the automated parking system / mechanical parking system in Japan for over 50 years.

The population in Southeast Asia has now passed 600 million, and the region is experiencing rapid economic growth. This surely will continue and accordingly, an increase in number of vehicles, concentration of populations in urban areas, and shortage of parking spaces, will be inevitable. IHI's mission is to alleviate parking shortages problems in Southeast Asia by bringing quality automated parking system / mechanical parking system technology and experience from Japan, to provide more quality, safe-to-use parking spaces in already-dense cities. Hopefully, this leads to a enhanced living environment in Southeast Asia.

Automated parking system / mechanical parking system is an ideal infrastructure tool to effectively optimise land with limitation into an attractive development. IHI Parking System is integrated with all past experience success; designed and engineered to suit the societal trend. Realise your dreams, IHI Group extends further intension to contribute to society's growth, development and prosperity of society through use of IHI's technology and engineering.

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