IHI Parking Systems

Above-Ground Parking System

Tower Parking

A large -scale above-ground type of mechanized parking systems.

Main Features

Built-in Turn table is fitted as standard equipment.

It allows drivers front-in/out operation.

Allows SUV accommodation

It can be designed to accommodate SUV.

Flexible design

Both standalone and build-in structure are possible to fit your requests.
It is also suitable for high-rise building development projects.


A lot of safety devices such as sensors ,stoppers protect you from any accidents.


Password blocked IC cards are available for the system operations.

The two types of systems are shown on the following page.

▼ Custom-made external claddings are available.

Tower Parking (pallet type)

The central-positioned lifter stores each pallet with a vehicle to the stall located both sides of the lifter.
Its low noise and vibrations features make it possible for office buildings and condominiums developments.

Optional items


A flat pallet makes it smooth and safety operations especially for handicaps.

EV (Electric Vehicle) charging system

It can be installed even after the completion of the system.

Pre-booked parking

Vehicles are stored and retrieved in an efficient order, reducing waiting times.

Flood resistant

Even in the event of water comes into the pit, the system will not be in malfunction until the water comes up to the ground level.

Tower Parking (pallet type)

Tower Parking (pallet-less type)

This is newly developed system. Although the concept of the structure seems to be similar to the pallet-type, it does not have any pallets. Instead, the comb-shaped method is adopted which intersect each other to transfer vehicles. It can save the trouble of conveying pallet for loading /unloading, therefore, it allows for speedier parking operations. This is recommended system for such as hospitals, shopping malls which may have high frequency of use.

Main Features

Short retrieval time

It can be shortened approximately by half compare with the pallet type system.

User-friendly universal design

As there is few steps in the loading/unloading bay, safety and smooth operation can be achieved. Therefore it is suitable for wheelchair access.

Cantilever-shaped systems are also available.

Tower Parking (pallet-less type)

Cantilever-shaped systems

Cantilever-shaped systems can make it possible to optimize and maximize the spaces with keeping necessary waiting area of vehicles. This system is suitable in case land does not have necessary queuing space in the property.

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