IHI Parking Systems

Underground Parking System

Underground Parking - Super Square Parking -

This system utilizes the underground space of buildings. A variety of layouts are possible to fit to the space. It is recommended for commercial and office buildings use.

Main Features

High Space efficiency

Flexible layout allows excellent space efficiency.

Built-in Turn table is fitted as standard equipment.

It allows drivers front-in/out operation.

Allows SUV accommodation

It can be designed to accommodate SUV.

Short retrieval time

High-end programming system immediately decide the quickest retrieval route.


A flat pallet makes it smooth and safety operations especially for handicaps.


A lot of safety devices such as sensors, stoppers protect you from any accidents.


Password blocked IC cards are available for the system operations.

Super Square Parking

Super Square Parking

Optional items

Pre-booked parking Vehicles are stored and retrieved in an efficient order, reducing waiting times.

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