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Leaf Filter


  • CFR type

    CFR type

    Horizontal type filter which discharges the cake as dried solid
    IHI Leaf Filter Standard type capable of drying filtrated cake by steam, air and N2 gas, and discharging it automatically.
  • CFA type

    CFA type

    Horizontal type filter which discharges the cake as slurry
    The fundamental structure of the CFA type is the same as that of the CFR type. As well, this type is capable of reslurry-discharge by back washing.
  • LR type

    LR type

    LR Filter
    The performance of the LR type is the same as that of the CFR type. As well, this type is a filter for Dreg Removal and is easily capable of CIP Automatic Washing. It is suitable for Food, Chemicals, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals.

IHI is proud of this newest Fully Automatic Filter.

This LR type Leaf Filter is a Horizontal Filter Leaf type Pressure Filter. Inside the pressure-resistant vessel, filter leaves are arranged horizontally on the shaft. A motor drive rotates the shaft and cakes on the leaves are blown away by centrifugal force.


  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Excellent Working Environment
  • High Temperature/High Pressure/High Viscosity Filtration
  • Stable Performance
  • Reliable Washing/Back Washing
  • Excellent Rest Volume Filtration
  • Various Materials
  • Less Space Design

Filtration and Drying

Fully Automatic Operation. Operator is not required. Cake Washing and Extraction,Complete Rest Volume Filtration,Excellent Working Environment,Space-saving Design Slurry Feed→Circulation→Filtration→Rest Volume Filtration→Cake Washing→Hot Blast Drying→Vacuum Drying→Cake Discharge

Rest Volume Filtration System

No residual liquid is left; there is complete filtration. The IHI Leaf Filter, CFR type and CFA type, performs Rest Volume Filtration using all the leaves, which enables complete filtration. This system has made it easier to treat several types of materials with a single machine.

  • Speedy

    Using the entire area of all the leaves, less time is required.

  • Constant Rate Cake Forming

    Using the entire area of all the leaves, cake is formed constantly.

* Final rest volume after Rest Volume Filtration is a very small amount of liquid at the final stage and residues in a line or a pump.

Cake Removal by Horizontal Filter Leaf Rotation

The filter nests rotate when cakes are discharged. The cakes on the leaves are blown away by centrifugal force.

Cleaning Nozzle

When removing cakes on the leaves, the surface and inside of the filters are washed at the same time.


Organic Chemical Industry

Organic Pigments, Dyestuff, Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Polypropylene Glycol, Surfactant, Separation of various Catalysts, Decolorization by Activated Carbon.

Petrochemical Industry

MMA, TDI, Polyurethane, Synthetic Resin (PVC etc.), Caprolactam, Plasticizer (DOP etc.), Terephthalic Acid, Adipic Acid, Petroleum Resin, Epoxy Resin, Organic Solvents, etc.

Food Industry

Carbohydrate Solutions (Sugar, Glucose), Tea, Fruit Juice, Beer, Wort, Sake, Beverage, Starch Syrup, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Caramel, Dairy Product, Sodium Alginate, etc.

Inorganic Chemical Industry

Inorganic Pigments, Waste Acid, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Other Solutions, Titanium Oxide, Cobalt, Titanium, Refining Process of Zinc etc., Nitrocellulose, Agricultural Chemicals, Insecticide, etc.

Oil and Fat Industry

White Soil Filtration of Animal Oils, Filtration of Raw Soybean Oil for Lecithin, Nickel Catalyst Filtration of Hardened Oil or Fatty Acid, Wax Removal, Waste White Soil Disposal, Cooking Oil Refining Filtration, etc.

Machinery Industry

Viscose, Acetate Dope, Synthetic Fiber Intermediate Chemicals, Silket Waste Solution, etc.


Lacquer, Varnish as Acrylic Resin, Paint, Rosin, Natural Resin, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Sorbose, Sorbit, Fermentation Liquid, Cultivation Liquid, Enzyme, Amino Acid, Filtration/Washing/Drying of Crystal Slurry, Activated Carbon Filtration of Glycerine, etc.

Mineral Oil

White Soil Filtration of Mineral Oil, Cutting Oil, Grinding Oil, Rolling Oil, Waste Oil, etc.