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Product Information Leaf Filter

CFA type

Capable of discharging cake as slurry for the following process

Capable of collecting filtrated cake as slurry.Rest volume Filtration is also possible.

This is the type which discharges the cake automatically as slurry. The lower portion of the vessel incorporates a mirror plate with a slurry discharge outlet.

Fully Automatic Filter capable of discharging cake as slurry.

The Filtration performance of the CFA type is the same as that of the CFR type. But if you use the filtrated cake in the following process, and it is easier for you to handle it as slurry, the CFA type is capable of reslurry-discharge by back washing.

Structure of Leaf Filter CFA type

The fundamental structure of the CFA type is the same as that of the CFR type. Inside the vessel, many leaves are attached to the shaft. The CFA type has a vertical cylindrical body. The upper casing has mirror finishing and a drive unit is installed on it. The lower casing also has mirror finishing and a slurry outlet.