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LR type


The LR type is an LR Filter that maintains the features of the Leaf Filter. It also optimizes its specifications for quality improvement, automating and streamlining in the beverage industry.

Developed as a GMP-compliant model, it maintains the features of the IHI Leaf Filter. It is equipped as a sanitary type, having CIP Automatic Washing system and buffing on the liquid contact surface. Also the parts inside were selected by following Food Hygiene Law.


  • CIP Automatic Washing Systems
    Using an Inverter for the motor enables rotation of the Leaf in cleaning liquid. By equipping the product with a spray wand, cleaning ability can also be improved. The surface of the body can be furnished as a sanitary type.
  • Filter gauze is exchangeable
    Like the IHI standard CFR type Leaf Filter, Filter gauze is installed on the top of the leaf and is easy to remove and install with our crumpling structure.
  • Highly efficient filtration with less installation space
    This LR type Leaf Filter takes the minimum required space to hold a filtrated cake. This feature reduces the volume of the filter vessel and makes efficient filtration ability possible.
  • Compact Unit Structure
    The compact unit skid consists of the Control Panel, Filter Aid Tank, Filtration Pump, Filter aAid Pump and other accessories. Installation space and installation works is saved by this compact unit. We can provide a Fully Automatic operation unit according to your requirements.
  • Cake discharging can be automated
    Cakes can be discharged as semi dried solid by air blow. Easy to dispose.
  • No rest volume (Rest volume filtration)
    It is possible to filtrate the remaining volume in the vessel and therefore effective for switching variety.
  • Less consumables used
    You do not need to supply or replace the powder / V-belt because there is no buffer such as a powder coupling.
  • Easy to discharge the cake
    It is easy to open and close the cake outlet by installing the horizontal rotary closed flange. If IHI rubber seal valve is installed, opening and closing the cake outlet becomes easier.