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The history of IMM

1973 Initiation of research and development efforts for VIM melting and refining of superalloys. This program was conducted in a 100Kg furnace.
1979 Commercial production of superalloy master metal ingot began in a 1.5 Mtric Ton VIM furnace located at IHI's Tokyo Works.
1983 IMM was established as IHI's superalloy subsidiary on June 10th.
1986 IMM became a licensee for production of the Mar-M series of superalloys under the patent rights of Martin Marietta Corporation, U.S.A.
1993 IMM's facilities were relocated to Aion, Hyogo-Ken, Japan on August 1st. We designed, built and qualified a new VIM furnace with interchangeable 1.5, 3, and 5 Metric Ton crucibles.
1996 Implementation of multiple filtering program for superalloy manufacturing.
1997 Under a technical agreement with Special Metals Corporation, U.S.A., technology was transferred to IMM to improve the quality of Rene 142 master metal ingot.
2000 General Electric qualification was recieved for the production of Nickel & Cobalt Base Premium Materials(P1TF256,S297)
2002 Rolls-Royce Ltd qualification was received for production of Nickel Materials.
2003 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft qualification was received for production of Nickel Materials. JIQ9100 accreditation was received.
2007 ISO/IEC17025 accreditation was received.
2008 One more new VIM furnace 6 Metric Ton Crucible was qualified. Nedcap accreditation was received.
2013 Received Rolls Royce manufacturing certification
Received Rolls Royce MSRR9920 certification
(Chemical composition analysis laboratory)
2015 IMM installed Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (Astrum)
2020 Received P&W commercial laboratory certification
(chemical composition analysis laboratory)
2021 Introduction of astrum ES, a glow discharge mass spectrometer for trace elements

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