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Analytical Equipment

Analytical accuracy and reproducibility are essential requirements for the production of superalloys. IMM has state of the art analytical equipment for complete analysis of master metal Ingot.

Our laboratory has acquired JIS Q 17025 (ISO/IEC 17025).

JIS Q 17025 Chemical Analysis Business Management System Quality Policy

  • The quality assurance department operates a management system to continuously provide customers with the quality of appropriate chemical analysis based on high expertise.
  • The quality assurance department maintains world-class skills by incorporating daily study, updates and latest technologies to provide customers with internationally accepted chemical analysis results.
  • The quality assurance department understands the policies and procedures described in the management system documents in the work of all personnel involved in the chemical analysis business, dedicates to impartiality and practices.
  • The quality assurance department shall comply with the requirements of JIS Q 17025 and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.
  • The laboratory is responsible for managing all information obtained in the process of carrying out business, and does not disclose information without the consent of the customers.


LECO CS444LS Carbon & Sulfur Determinator

LECO CS844ES Carbon/Sulfur Determinator

LECO TC436 Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Determinator

LECO ON836 Nitrogen/Oxygen Determinator

Shimazu X-ray Emission Spectrometric Analyzer

Rigaku Simultix 15 X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer

Shimazu PDA5500 Optical Emission Spectrometric Analyzer

Thermo Fisher ARL iSpark 8860 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer VG9000

Nu Instruments LTD ASTRUM Glow discharge Mass Spectrometer

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