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  • IHI Master Metal mainly produces superalloy ingots for cast turbine blades used in aviation engines, industrial gas turbines and vehicle superchargers.
  • We apply the vacuum melting technology expertise we have accumulated over more than 30 years to manufacture nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys and deliver them in a timely manner to customers in Europe, the US, and Asia, as well as domestically. We have earned our customers' trust and a reputation for quality.
  • As part of the IHI Group, we will continually strive to maintain and improve our position as a top manufacturer of ingots for vacuum casting.

Products handled

  1. Nickel-based alloy ingots for precision casting
  2. Cobalt-based alloy ingots for precision casting
Ingot products

Master ingot products

Ingot products

Master ingot products (N & B)

Types of nickel-based alloy ingots for precision casting

  1. For single crystal casting
    (SC: Single Crystal)
  2. For directional solidification casting
    (DS: Directional Solidification)
  3. For conventional casting (equiaxed crystal)
    (CC: Conventional (Equiax) Casting)
Precision cast products

Example of customer's application (turbine blade)

~Public institution Certifiactions/Accreditations~
  1. JISQ9100 = AS9100, EN9100
    Quality Management System - Requirements for aerospace and defense organizations
  2. JISQ140001 = ISO14001
    Environmental Management System - Requirements and User guide
  3. JISQ17025 = ISO/IEC 17025
    General requirements for capabilities of laboratoriesan and calibration
    organizations : Chemical Analysis
  4. Nadcap
    Material Testing Laboratories (Chemical Analysis)
~Customer's Certifiactions/Accreditations~
  1. Pratt&Whitney
    Chemical Analysis commercial Lab certification - Ni, Co, Fe-alloy
  2. GE Aviation
    P1TF37 Code GA (Melting Process) , S-400 Code GA, AI (Chemical Anaysis)
  3. Rolls-Royce Ltd.
    MLC101(Material manufacturing), MSRR9920(Chemical Analysis)
  4. IHI
    ISAJT-F005(Chemical Analysis)