IHI Master Metal Co.,Ltd.

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About Us

Today's requirements for superalloys demand the strictest quality control and consistency. These requirements were forseen by our parent corporation, IHI Corporation(IHI) several decades ago.
IHI initiated research into vacuum melted superalloy technologies in 1973. After six years of intense research and development, commercial production began.
During the last twenty years, IMM(IHI Master Metal CO.,Ltd.) has continued to develop new products and processes which have resulted in a broad customer base and alloy product line.

IHI Master Metal Co., LTD Quality Policy

Create an organizational culture that is trusted by customers and society,
and establish a quality assurance system that follows rules.
To achieve this, all employees must work together

1. Continuously improve the quality management system
2. Provide products that satisfy customers
3. Create quality on your own and further stabilize and improve it
4. Build a culture of open reporting
5. Stabilize the management base