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IHI Transport Engineering participated in MANUFACTURING INDONESIA 2015
A team from IHI Transport Machinery Indonesia (ITMI) and IHI Transport Engineering Malaysia (ITEM) participated in Jakarta's MANUFACTURING INDONESIA 2015; an event attracting over 37,000 attendees in 4 day period from 2nd-5th December 2015.

With strong growth of the event over the past few years, IHI group strongly felt the appetite of Indonesian innovator's trend for automation in many field of industry. IHI contributed in the event by presenting all associated IHI products, with strong focus on automated parking system. The demand for automated parking system surely has been expanding in the past couple of years; backed by strong demand in automotive industry.

From queries received during the event, IHI group hope to deepen the contribution of Indonesia and the region's growth.


IHI's Parking System posted on newspaper
The handover of first-ever large-scale project in Bangkok was featured in Japan's most prestigious broadsheet.



Handover of 1st Mechanical Parking System by IHI in Thailand
Proud day for IHI's parking team as we have successfully handed over the first-ever large-scale parking project to our client.
The opening ceremony for the project was celebrated under typically sunny Bangkok,
accompanied by IHI Transport Machinery's President Mr. Yoshida and Managing Director Mr. Inoue.


IHI's Parking Team joins METALEX 2015
It was another exciting week for IHI's parking team as we participated in METALEX 2015 for the first time.
We had more visitors to the booth than originally expected, with interest from many field of professions.
Thank you for all those who visited IHI's booth, we hope that the information presented during the event was useful!


Two-Story Parking system (18cars) has been completed in Kuala Lumpur.


IHI Transport Engineering Malaysia took part in ARCHIDEX 2015 from 12th till 15th of August, held in fabulous Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.
Professionals from various fields and countries turned out for the events, which provided IHI with a great opportunity to promote Mechanical Parking System. This year, IHI had close to 100 very-eager clients visiting the booth.


IHI ASIA PACIFIC (THAILAND), an affiliate firm of IHI in Thailand, established maintenance service of the Mechanical Parking Systems from August 2015.
The inaugural team consist of three members, with aim to offer maintenance service just like in Japan.


New Website Launched