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As a firm at the center of IHI Group heat and fabrication repair business, IHI Machinery and Furnace undertakes activities to prioritize improvement in value for customers. We are proud to have grown to achieve the top domestic share in the field of vacuum thermal processing machinery and machinery for fabrication of new materials.

A place for open innovation with customers

Iwakuni Works (Previously Ishikawajima Iwakuni Seisakusho Co., Ltd.) and Kakamigahara Works (Previously Japan Hayes) exist as a manufacturing base. In addition, equipped with its Heat Treatment Technical Center, Kakamigahara aims to improve as a place for open innovation with customers and research development processes using machinery.

Global business development

Possessing a joint business venture (Jiangsu IHI Fengdong Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.) in China and establishing global operations together with IHI Ionbond AG (Switzerland HQ), IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V. (Netherland HQ) and IHI VTN GmbH (Germany HQ) which are based in Europe and part of the IHI Group heat and surface processing business units.

“Our Heart & Heat Change the World”

Our products are used for a long time and although the performance and trust in our products has received a lot of support and praise we wish to attempt new challenges and provide customers with new value and solutions.

“Our Heart & Heat Change the World”
We wish to thank our customers for your continued support.

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