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IHI Receives 20-Year Order to Construct and Provide Operation and Maintenance Services for Carbon-Neutral Biomass Power Plant

IHI Corporation and Group company IHI Plant Services Corporation announced today that they received a engineering-procurement-construction and 20-year operation and maintenance services order on March 16 from Kumamoto Shinrin Hatsuden (a special-purpose company that is a joint venture of Chubu Electric Power Co., Toho Gas Co., Ltd., and Ene-Vision Co., Ltd.) for the Biomass Power Plant at Yatsushiro

This new order is part of IHI’s ongoing quest to contribute to a sustainable economy by applying technologies that leverage biomass, ammonia, and other carbon-neutral energy sources. 

Carbon neutral wood pellets and thinned woods will fuel the plant. Construction should begin in April 2022, with the facility going on line in June 2024. The two companies will provide operations, inspection, and repairs and parts replacement services to keep the 75-megawatt plant running efficiently across its 20-year lifespan. This is the first domestic power plant operations and maintenance order as IHI. IHI will draw on its broad expertise in power plant construction and maintenance to enhance efficiency and support operations with Internet of Things devices. 

IHI has received orders over the years to upgrade several thermal power plants to run exclusively on wood biomass. It has also invested in Nanatsujima Biomass Power in Kagoshima. These and other activities extending from biomass plant construction through operations and maintenance led to this new order.

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