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About IHI Group

Basic data

IHI Group Aims

Management Philosophy

“Contribute to the development of society through technology”
“Human resources are our single most valuable asset”

IHI Sustainability Goal

Create a world where nature and technology work in unity

We aim to become a global corporate group that solves this century's myriad issues in various sectors such as green industry, energy, and industrial and social infrastructure using engineering expertise which is at the core of our business, ultimately ensuring prosperity, safety, and security for the Earth and humanity.

IHI Group vision

Lines of Business

IHI operates in four fields: "Resources, Energy, & Environment," "Social Infrastructure," "Industrial Systems & General-purpose Machinery," and "Aero Engine, Space & Defense," with business activities across the globe.

Resources, Energy & Environment

Generating eco-friendly energy.

IHI provides stable energy supply that supports industrial development and prosperity while contributing to the mitigation of global warming by utilizing a wealth of accumulated knowledge and proprietary technologies in coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable energy. We provide a mix of products and services for generating energy that benefits humans and the environment, and maintain them throughout their life cycle.

Social Infrastructure

Building infrastructure that supports society.

With a focus on developing nations, territories, and communities, contributing to marine development, and guaranteeing safety and security, IHI leverages its long-standing technological capabilities and innovative creativity in areas such as civil infrastructure development, security, marine development, and urban development to construct infrastructure that form the foundations of society and ensure their safety and security as they live their lives.

Industrial Systems & General-purpose Machinery

Advancing the evolution of industrial infrastructure globally.

IHI constantly pursues technological innovation and proposes optimal solutions to improve industrial systems and equipment to enhance our clients' production processes and products, ultimately bringing customer satisfaction. In doing so, we also contribute to the evolution of industrial infrastructure in various locations worldwide, securing the future of manufacturing.

Aero Engine, Space & Defense

Exploring limitless possibilities in the sky and outer space.

IHI leverages cutting-edge technology and organizational strength to explore new possibilities in aero engine manufacturing and space exploration to contribute to the realization of comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly air transportation and the expansion and development of human space utilization, opening up new frontiers in the sky and outer space.

Business Outline

Business Performance

You can view a graphical representation of our latest finances and business performance here. For details, please refer to the Finance and Business Performance page.

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