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Business Outline

From products that contribute to daily life, to the frontier of space, four business areas that create value.

In the more than 170 years since our establishment, we have expanded business by using technologies cultivated through shipbuilding. To date, we have launched four fields of business: Resources, Energy & Environment; Social Infrastructure; Industrial Systems & General-Purpose Machinery; and Aero Engine, Space & Defense. From roads, buildings and transportation systems used in daily life, to cutting edge technologies and products used in various fields, going forward we hope to continue to assist you in life through the growth of our business.

Resources, Energy & Environment

Contribute to carbon-free and recycling societies by providing optimal integrated solutions for each region and customer

Social Infrastructure

Contribute globally and across life cycles to materialize safe and secure social infrastructures, centered on bridges and tunnels

Industrial Systems & General-purpose Machinery

Contribute to industrial infrastructure progress by thoroughly optimizing operational lifecycles with customers

Aero Engine, Space & Defense

Leverage advanced technology to open new vistas for air transportation, defense systems, and space utilization, and help materialize social comfort and safety