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Resources, Energy & Environment

Contributing to decarbonization and the circular economy.

IHI's products and services provide the energy and industrial growth needed for the modern conveniences we enjoy, while also being environmentally friendly. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific region and client, in order to contribute to decarbonization and the circular economy. An example of this is our "Local Energy Sustainability" project, which aims to provide regions with sufficient energy supply using only solar power, thus eliminating CO2 emissions. Our Soma IHI Green Energy Center, developed in coordination with the city of Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, provides the region with enough electricity to supply 500 households.

Main business

Working towards achieving decarbonization and a circular economy

Carbon Solutions

As a leading global supplier of highly efficient and reliable utility boilers, IHI continues to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and streamline existing power plant operations. It also provides boilers and flue gas equipment for fuels from biomass, waste, and other sources for domestic and international markets. We are working towards the social implementation of carbon capture and utilization and ammonia combustion technologies. Through them, we will provide a range of solutions toward a carbon-free, circular economy.

Reducing CO2 and NOx emissions with engines that are cleaner and more efficient.

Gas Turbine/ Diesel Engines/ Gas Engines

IHI provides a wide variety of power generating products, including gas turbines, diesel engines and gas engines with simple cycle, co-generation and combined cycle power systems.
We supply eco-friendly marine diesel and dual-fuel engines. We are minimizing NOx and CO2 emissions by adopting high-efficiency, low emission technologies.
We also provide remote monitoring, maintenance and other services throughout product lifecycles.

Commitment to maintenance of active and decommissioned nuclear power facilities.

Nuclear Energy

In nuclear power, we supply such key equipment as reactor pressure and containment vessels and piping systems. We participate in development and construction, primarily for the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, we have focused on improving safety at existing facilities, notably to safeguard against earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorism at existing facilities. We have also decommissioned nuclear power plants.

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