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Nuclear Energy

IHI supply such key components as reactor pressure vessels, primary containment vessels,and piping systems. We develop and construct nuclear fuel cycle systems as well as supply components for boiling water reactors (BWRs) , advanced boiling-water reactors (ABWRs) and pressurized-water reactors (PWRs). We have also been supplying the service for decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear power facilities.

Components for Nuclear Power Plants

  • Primary containment vessel for BWR nuclear power plant

    Steel vessels are used as primary containment for nuclear reactors and auxiliary equipment.
    Vessels made by reinforced concrete with steel liners have also been used recently.

  • Reactor pressure vessel for BWR nuclear power plant

    This kind of pressure vessel for nuclear power plant constructed of extremely thick steel plate lined inside with stainless steel cladding.

  • Containment vessel for PWR nuclear power plant

    Steel Vessel is used as containment vessel to contain reactor vessel, steam generator, etc. IHI is supplying the vessels to plants overseas.

    • Source: Georgia Power HP
  • Steel structural modules for PWR nuclear power plant

    Steel structural modules are used to support primary components in containment vessel. IHI is supplying the modules to plants overseas.

    • Source: Georgia Power HP
  • Piping systems and
    Piping modules for
    BWR/PWR nuclear
    power plant

    IHI is supplying the piping systems and piping modules to both overseas and domestic nuclear power plant.

Facilities for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plants

  • Radioactive waste vitrification facility

    In this facility, highly radioactive liquid waste is mixed with molten glass, poured into stainless steel canisters, cooled, and then solidified.

  • Waste receptacle and storage facility

    When domestic power utility companies have nuclear fuel recycled abroad, high level radioactive waste is vitrified. This vitrified waste is received by and stored in this facility.

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