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Reduce Environmental Impact

The IHI Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the entire social system,
including addressing social issues such as climate change.

Environmental Management

Material issues

The IHI Group has identified the following three themes as priority areas for addressing environmental challenges.

  • Climate change

  • Circular economy

  • Environmental protection

Climate change

Climate change has a significant impact on society and the economy, and is a social issue that tests the sustainability of companies. The IHI Group treats climate change as one of its important management issues and is taking measures from both the mitigation perspective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation perspective of reducing the effects of those emissions.

Efforts towards decarbonization

Efforts toward disaster prevention and reduction

Circular economy

To achieve a sustainable society, we are managing waste and water resources properly, striving to improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact. We also aim to minimize the impact of chemical substances on health and the environment by both appropriately managing chemicals within the factory and through proper understanding and management of the chemicals contained in products.

Environmental Protection

Compliance with environmental regulations and prevention of environmental accidents are positioned as the top priority in environmental activities at group sites. We also consider reducing environmental burdens associated with business activities as an important issue and set it as one of the environmental goals. We emphasize collaboration with the respective regions where we conduct business activities and promote environmental conservation activities tailored to the local circumstances.