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Preventing and Mitigating Disasters

Creating a Resilient Social Infrastructure

The IHI Group is helping to realize safe, secure, and comfortable communities by improving infrastructure to be more economical and disaster resilient, and by constructing systems that combine infrastructure with disaster and damage prediction to achieve zero human suffering.
We are building on our strength in advanced maintenance technologies for bridges and other infrastructure. By adding sensing and monitoring technologies and developing preventive diagnosis technology, we are expanding our business to provide timely and appropriate infrastructure maintenance. We will shorten the lead times for construction projects and automate construction processes so we can provide earlier care for aging infrastructure and sufficiently respond to the growing maintenance demand amid a shortage of skilled workers. We also aim to minimize the human impact and economic loss from extreme weather events by predicting disasters and controlling local infrastructure using meteorological information and disaster event data collected from sensors. In addition, we will offer products and services that contribute to disaster recovery and assist people return to their normal lives as quickly as possible.
We are working to establish communities with dual-purpose infrastructure that is resilient in emergencies and convenient in normal times.

Integrated Hydraulic Control

Flood damage can be minimized through integrated operation of dams, water gates, drainage pump stations, and other upstream and downstream river management facilities.

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