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Technology Development

Developing Technologies to Diversify Options for Society

Technology & Intelligence Integration

Since its establishment in 1853, IHI has expanded and improved its technology platform along with producing socially vital products. This traditional product-oriented development style alone does not work well enough in the current unstable society, where increasingly complex social issues require a diversity of solutions. In this situation, IHI is conducting technology development to continually create new value by envisioning various future possibilities and collaborating with various partners.

Constant Value Provision

Technology that generates new business

We flexibly conduct technology development based on the strategy planned in view of recent ever-changing social environment. We strive to put new solutions into practical use quickly and to leverage additional needs and data obtained only through actual usage. In this way, we are seeking technologies for new businesses.

Noteworthy achievements of technology development for realizing carbon-neutral economy

We have developed technologies to capture carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases of power plants and factories and from the atmosphere. To utilize the captured carbon dioxide, we are creating technologies to synthesize e-methane, which is called methanation technology, or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by reacting carbon dioxide with hydrogen. We are additionally developing power generation technology fueled by ammonia, which is free from carbon dioxide emissions when burned.

Evolution in Fundamental Technologies

Undertaking world-class technology development

We tackle increasingly complex social issues by upgrading existing technologies while securing and cultivating new techniques to develop innovative technologies.

Technologies related to electrification

  • Rotating machinery technology (for high-power motors etc.)
  • Machine element technology (for gas bearings etc.)
  • Simulation technology (for evaluating cooling performance etc.)
  • Heat & wear resistant coating technology

New material & advanced manufacturing technology

  • Composite materials (CMC, FRP, geopolymer, etc.)
  • Manufacturing technology (Additive manufacturing, 3D printer, etc.)
  • Inspection & measurement technology, welding & joining technology, processing
  • Structural strength analysis technology

Technology related to energy generation

  • Physics & chemistry applied technology (for catalyst, SOEC systems, etc.)
  • Combustion technology (for biomass, ammonia, etc.)
  • Control technology (for EMS, robot control, etc.)
  • Painting, anticorrosion & surface treatment technology

Enhancement of Development Processes

Accelerating development by leveraging digital technology

We have adopted model-based development, through which we conduct an array of simulations in early development stages to assess design spaces.
We identify development bottlenecks and theoretical limitations to optimize development plans. We seek to shorten development lead times by simulating repeated scale-up prototyping and verification to commercialize technologies as quickly as possible.

Speeding up of development process by cyber-physical integration

Collaboration with Partners

Deepening our ecosystem presence and co-creating

We collaborate with around-the-world companies, universities, and other organizations with advanced expertise and track records.
We launched the IHI-ISCE2 Sustainable Innovation Centre, the IHI x Tohoku University Co-Creation Research Center of Ammonia Value Chain for Carbon Neutrality, and other co-creation initiatives. Through these initiatives, we leverage our strengths and those of our partners to generalize higher added value throughout society speedily.

Co-Creation Activities at Global Bases

We utilize our technological bases around the world to look for promising cutting-edge technology or collaborative partners and to create new value through co-creation activities.

2020 53 1 2020/2/1 Development at Overseas Offices


“Ignition Base”, which is commonly called “i-Base”, is our technological base established with the aim of accelerating our co-creation activities. We make use of its facilities specialized for prompt prototyping and conducting collaborative projects to quickly commercialize new ideas generated based on the design thinking or artistic thinking, which were incorporated to sophisticate our development style.

2021 54 2 2021/9/30 Co-creation of New Business Ideas with Our Customers The IHI Group’s new hub for innovation promotion