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IHI Group ESG Management

The IHI Group aims to create a world where nature and technology work in unity. This means protecting people from the threats of nature in a society offering safety, security, and prosperity to realize sustainability in both the global environment and people’s lifestyles.
Our businesses will take on various social challenges to create social value as well as enhance corporate value.

Sustainability Promotion System

The IHI Group has a duty to contribute to society and the environment in a way that will realize a sustainable society. We know management with clearly defined values is essential to governance making these contributions possible. We have established the ESG Management Promotion Committee, with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as its chairperson, for the purposes of examining basic policies and specific activities for ESG management as well as evaluating their progress and making improvements. Matters related to ESG management are reported to the Board of Directors as appropriate, and ESG management is implemented Group-wide.

Sustainability Promotion System

ESG Management Promotion Committee




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