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Reduction of CO2 Emissions During Procurement and Production

In our procurement activities, the IHI Group actively utilizes environmentally conscious suppliers and promotes the purchase of products with low CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.
In production activities, we makes every effort to reduce CO2 emissions from plants, offices, and other business establishments by both actively pursuing energy-efficient business practices and promoting the use of low-carbon energy.
Its energy-efficient initiatives not only enhance operations but also make all the necessary capital investments.
The Group has put in place energy management standards to drive these operational improvements. These standards aim to provide ideal operation conditions and criteria to review operational management. These standards also become a knowledge base to conduct training on energy efficiency through outside experts in an effort to heighten the management quality of Managers.
The Group’s capital investments systematically renew aged equipment with energy-efficient equipment and adopt renewable energy sources. Another aspect important to reducing CO2 emissions is shipping and transport.
The IHI Group strives to promote modal shifts through greater load efficiency and active use of marine vessels.

CO2 Emission Reduction Initiatives

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