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Using Recycled Carbon as an Energy Source

The IHI Group prevents the release of CO2 into the atmosphere with carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology that captures and separates CO2 emitted from thermal power plants and other facilities. The captured CO2 can be mixed with a catalyst and carbon-free hydrogen produced using surplus electricity generated from renewable energy to make methane (CH4) fuel or olefins, used to make plastic.
Our plan to achieve carbon neutrality in the fuel and feedstock operations is to continue lowering the cost of capturing CO2, making carbon capture technology widely available, and acquiring catalyst technology and developing processes for synthesizing fuels and chemical feedstock. We will also acquire next-generation water electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen, and co-electrolysis technology of water and CO2 to produce valuable substances as we build a business to supply electrolysis and valuable resource conversion equipment. In addition, we are advancing toward practical application of technology that directly captures CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon Recycling Roadmap

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