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Lighten Products, Electrify, and Convert Fuel for Transport Systems

We are advancing several initiatives to also make our transport sector operations carbon neutral.

Air Transportation Systems

The aviation industry is seeking to reduce CO2 emissions to make air transportation more environmentally friendly. In this direction, the International Air Transport Association in October 2021 the International Air Transport Association resolved that the global air transport industry will aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The IHI Group is working to reduce aircraft CO2 emissions in various ways, such as by improving transport efficiency and engineering parts made from composite materials that will lighten aircraft engines. We are also designing electrification technology for aircrafts, adapting fossil-free jet fuel and hydrogen fuel, and innovating other technologies for the future.


The transition to electrification is progressing rapidly in the automobile industry. As the industry shifts to electric vehicles, the IHI Group will secure market share by adapting its current turbochargers to hybrid vehicles. As the move toward full electrification gains momentum, we will develop business for our electric-assist turbochargers for luxury vehicles and electric turbochargers for fuel cell commercial vehicles.

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