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Process Plants

In such diverse areas as natural gas liquefaction, oil refining, petrochemicals, LPG and other process plants, we have a strong track record in Japan and internationally in integrating everything from engineering to procurement, construction, and startups.

Process Plants

  • LPG plants

    A plant which liquefies petroleum gas sent from gas fields.
    IHI constructed the world’s largest production capacity plant of 9,000,000 tons per year. 

  • Natural gas liquefaction plants

    These plants refine natural gas produced from gas fields, with methane as the main component, and cool it to -160 degrees Celsius to produce LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas). 

  • High-purity propylene production facilities

    This facility produces high-purity propylene from butene and ethylene very efficiently. IHI has EPC contracts with several clients and delivers it economically and promptly.

  • Modification work on existing plants

    We have a broad track record and a wealth of experience in executing a wide range of modification services for existing oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
    We can offer solutions for capacity increasing, rationalization for efficient production, and energy saving under various project and/or site constraints such as the existence of interferences between several site works, limited space for construction work, short construction period, etc.

  • Pilot plants

    The IHI Group has accumulated knowledge on plant operation through its experience of modifying existing plants and troubleshooting in addition to plant design and construction know-how acquired in chemical and petrochemical plants. We utilize such knowledge for developing advanced technologies to provide total engineering from basic design to construction. 

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