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LNG Receiving Terminal, Storage Tank

IHI Group is Japan’s leading provider of LNG receiving terminals and storage tanks. We are also active overseas, with a strong track record in India, Qatar, Mexico, Taiwan, the United States, and China. Particularly for LNG storage tank construction, we are able to handle all types of tanks including Double-walled metal tank, Pre-stressed concrete (PC) full containment tank and in-ground membrane tanks, with leading global market shares for such facilities.

LNG Receiving Terminal

  • LNG receiving terminal

    Having a substantial share in Japan for LNG receiving terminals and LNG storage tanks, IHI is active in the international LNG receiving terminal market and has EPC experiences in India, Qatar, Mexico, Taiwan, United States and China. Photo used with the permission of Sempra LNG ©All rights received by Sempra LNG

  • Earth-sheltered LNG Underground Tank

    This earth-sheltered LNG tank is completely buried underground, even its roof. With a storage capacity of 250,000 kl, it is the biggest in the world. It is capable of storing an amount equivalent to that used by 360,000 general households a year. Photo is provided by TOKYO GAS

  • In-ground LNG Storage Tank

    A tank in which the storage portion is buried underground. The first in-ground LNG storage tank was constructed by IHI.

  • Above-ground LNG Storage Tank (PC)

    A two layered type tank which consists of PC (pre-stressed concrete) outer tank, and 9% nickel steel inner tank.

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