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IHI to Begin Developing Wholly Liquid Ammonia-Fueled Gas Turbine that Is Free of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

IHI Corporation announced today that Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has commissioned the company, Tohoku University, and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to undertake a liquid ammonia-fueled gas turbine research and development project as part of the Green Innovation Fund’s (see note 1) Fuel Ammonia Supply Chain Development Project.

2,000-kilowatt-class IM270 gas turbine to be employed in this R&D initiative

Ammonia is free of carbon dioxide emissions and can fuel existing power facilities. It is also a common raw material for fertilizers and chemical products. A solid production, transportation, and storage infrastructure is already in place. Broad adoption of ammonia across society should accordingly be rapid as an energy source that can help realize carbon neutrality. 

For this new initiative, IHI and its R&D partners will develop a technology for 100% liquid ammonia combustion in a 2,000-kilowatt-class class gas turbine to cut greenhouse gas emissions from gas turbine cogeneration systems (see note 2). They will conduct demonstration tests to acquire operational expertise and verify safety measures with a view to swiftly commercializing this technology. Feasibility studies regarding ammonia’s challenges and utility in power generation should enhance commercialization potential. This project will run through the year ending March 31, 2028.

Gas turbines that burn liquid ammonia directly into combustors offer several commercial advantages. They include simpler supply channels from storage tanks to the gas turbines and better controllability. This form of ammonia burns less easily than natural or ammonia gases, however, so key challenges are to stabilize flames and reduce exhaust gas toxicity. This project will develop combustion technology that resolves these issues.

IHI is intensively developing hydrogen and ammonia utilization technologies and building supply chains for these energy sources. The company will provide carbon recycling technology and other solutions to help materialize a zero-carbon, circular economy.


  1. Green Innovation Fund project
    NEDO created this 2 trillion yen fund to accelerate current efforts, such as to structurally transform the energy and industrial sectors and innovate by investing extensively to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The fund provides ongoing support, from R&D and demonstrations through social implementation of outcomes, for up to 10 years for companies tackling shared goals through collaboration between the public and private sectors. NEDO assists primarily in 14 priority areas for which the Green Growth Strategy has formulated action plans.
  2. Gas turbine cogeneration system
    This cogeneration setup uses fuel to generate electricity with a gas turbine while simultaneously recovering process steam or other energy from waste heat.

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