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IHI Concludes Syndicated Commitment Line Agreement with Mizuho Bank

IHI Corporation announced today that it recently concluded a Mizuho Eco Finance syndicated commitment line agreement with Mizuho Bank, Ltd., to help fund the IHI Group’s climate change initiatives.

Mizuho Eco Finance is an environmental assessment-based financial product through which Mizuho Bank collaborates with clients to transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Financing under this program goes to companies meeting or exceeding decarbonization scores under an environmental assessment model that Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd., developed. The model rates client initiatives and benchmarks based on globally trusted environmental accreditation and assessment criteria.

Mizuho Bank concluded that the IHI Group satisfies the model’s high standards in several respects. One is IHI Group’s ESG Management, announced in November 2021. Under that initiative, IHI committed itself to achieving carbon neutrality across its entire value chain by 2050. IHI also discloses groupwide carbon dioxide emissions every year.

The IHI Group will keep prioritizing efforts to engage with society and other stakeholders to achieve its ESG management goals and create new value by resolving social issues. 

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