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IHI’s Cumulative Turbocharger Sales Reach 100 Million Units

IHI announces today that its vehicular turbocharger business posted cumulative worldwide sales of 100 million units.

Cutaway view of IHI vehicular turbocharger

IHI’s turbocharger business originated with its efforts to develop rotating machinery when it focused on building ships. Starting with steam turbines, the company refined its exhaust turbine turbocharger technology by making marine turbochargers. It then applied that technology to develop and manufacture vehicular turbochargers. This business houses IHI’s core technological expertise in such areas as proprietary technologies materials engineering, tribology, rotor dynamics, fluid performance development, and reliability engineering.

IHI launched its turbocharger business in 1959. The company thereafter expanded it globally as times changed to swiftly accommodate social issues and automotive industry needs in exploring ways to harness its technologies to contribute to social progress. IHI has continued to manufacture and sell turbochargers for various vehicles from compact cars to buses and trucks. Cumulative sales reached 100 million units this year after passing the 50 million mark in 2015.

Efforts are under way to achieve global carbon-neutrality. Vehicular powertrains are accordingly changing. Development is progressing for hybrid engines incorporating electromotive technology, hydrogen engines, fuel cells, and e-fuel that can employ existing engine technologies as effective means for such a transformation. Renewables-powered electric vehicles should also become increasingly popular. IHI anticipates that regions will adopt and cultivate technologies that work best locally.

IHI will keep refining core technologies while rolling out new ones as needed to step up vehicular turbocharger development to satisfy a range of technological requirements and help the world become carbon-neutral by 2050.

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